Gold Cube Trommel (NEXT GENERATION)


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The New and Improved Gold Cube Trommel!   Now the spray bar is on the outside of the barrel allowing more area inside the barrel.

Any gold prospector will tell you how important classifying is during not only primary processing in the field but also during your final clean up and recovery. There are thousands of tailings piles out there with gold because in the past, many miners were after the bigger stuff and the small gold was just left to wash away. Gold is Gold as the saying goes but today “if you can get the small you can get it all”.

Classifying to manageable size for your material has always been a very time consuming yet rewarding effort especially with the Gold Cube. Since the Gold Cube likes 1/8th material this step is critical and very easy if you are running concentrates from your dredge or sluice box but what if you are just out using only a Gold Cube as your primary equipment?

In the past we would classify with a #8 into a bucket and line these buckets up as the “feeder” would scoop all the buckets into the cube.  This method works quite well but to pre-classify 1,000 lbs of material (about 15 buckets) could take 2 hours or more of some serious shoveling.  So here is our solution to that!

The Gold Cube Trommel is “Shovel Ready” and goes anywhere and won’t talk back.  A dependable machine that can outlast you (bring friends)!  Just try to wear out our trommel and reap the rewards.


  •  Strong 12 volt motor designed for continuous use.
  •  Fully adjustable.

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