Big Wave Gold Hog Matting


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Big Wave Mat

The BIG WAVE MAT is the hardest to mat to produce and the most expensive in our line.  It’s a LOT of material and heavy. It is designed to run in standard high bankers and sluices that have higher water levels.

Unlike any other mat on the market today, the new WAVE MAT™ from Gold Hog® uses a different technology to capture super fine gold.  It utilizes water speed, velocity, settling velocity, and terminal velocity principles to capture fine gold from previously difficult to process materials. (Thick slurries, fine beach sands, etc.)

Doc has been working on this now Patent Pending Technology (SEE FAQ) for about two years.  We plan to utilize it in several ways, but the first is the new WAVE MAT.

The PATENT PENDING (SEE FAQ) elliptical / convex surface causes A CHANGE IN SLURRY SPEED AND ENERGY, allowing gold to fall out of the slurry without the turbulence of a RIFFLE.  Much like happens when a river or stream TURN A CORNER. This provides a variance in flows and energy which is required for settling.  Also, the bedload (lower portion) of the slurry gently rises and falls without turbulence, and this action allows the heaviest particles to fall out of the flow first… and be captured.

“Allowing for a settling/stratification without using TURBULENCE… is the KEY.” 

The standard way…

Normally most sluices use some form of “riffle” or flow interruption to create an EXCHANGE zone via a vortex-like generator in combination with a low-pressure area.  Many of our mats do the same thing, but in a much gentler way.  The material must RIDE OVER SOMETHING … which is then followed by a low-pressure zone or VORTEX in an attempt to classify / hold material based on its weight or specific gravity.

The problem….

There are many forces / factors that can override the specific gravity separation only method.

However, the WAVE MAT™ does NOT create any flow interruption or rely on vortexes.  Instead exposing the slurry and material to a WAVE LIKE (HUMP) pattern, the energy and slurry is very slightly slowed down at different points.  This slow down, or low pressure / energy zone allows the heaviest of the material in the slurry to drop out of the flow. Similar effects happen when rivers turn corners or WIDEN out.  Once the fine gold drops out of the slurry, it is offered lots of small hiding places, GROOVES, to hide from the energy of the slurry.

Also, there is a LIFT and FALL effect as the materials and slurry rise over the hump and then are released on the opposite side.  Think of traveling down the road at 60 mph and going over that HUMP in the road.  You, and everything else in your vehicle is slightly airborne for second. The slurry feels the same thing.  Lighter material continues with the rising flow and heavier material drops first and “hugs the hump” and drops out.

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