75 – 1 Ultra High Grade Gold Concentrate


This is 75 gallons of our crushed ore processed through our trommel, which is concentrated to one gallon of pay dirt to pan through for some old-fashioned fun!

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We are a hard rock mine operation that follows 22 gold-bearing veins of quartz that has been in operation since 1847. Several mining methods were used on the property over the years, but we are currently an open-pit mining operation. We dig the quartz out of the ground and crush it using our 140+ year old stamp mill, which then creates all of our ore for our customers to pan through. We use a piece of equipment called a trommel to help with our concentration process. To create the high grades we run the select amount of crushed ore chosen by the gallon (15, 30, or 75) through the trommel, which then processes out the excess dirt and leaves the gold bearing material that we bag up for your order! With our paydirt, the higher the concentration value the more likely you are to find more gold naturally. We do not guarantee any rate of return because our ore is not salted, but we do guarantee a very fun experience!

We are not at fault if you catch gold fever, but we can always send you more!

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