Micro Banker 4″x16″ Ultra-Light Kit with Dream Matting 750 GPH Pump


Micro Banker 4″ X 16″ Ultra-Light Kit with 750 gph pump and hose.

This Backpack Trekking unit weighs only UNDER 5 lbs!

Use traditional *U-shaped spray bar, or 2x blast nozzles for your preference!

Uses 1/2″ PVC pipe that a 3/4 hose easily hooks up to. Uses 500-750 gph pumps.

Solid 1/2″ alum legs, removable hopper & miners moss splash pad under grizzly.

No one can beat this quality for weight & price. Enjoy Top of the Food Chain prospecting for less. With Dream Mat Adventure sluice, you know you will recover even the finest gold.

Adventure Sluice slips out for instant cleanup. Why struggle & catch less? Why pack heavy complicated equipment up the mountain? Enjoy your hikes & adventures w/ equipment you didn’t even know is there. Welcome to real back country gear!

  • Feet & Fitting types may vary to supplier.
  • Light hand assembly may be required



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