It is Snowing in Dahlonega!!

The City of Dahlonega is looking a lot like Christmas. That’s because a made for television Christmas movie for the HALLMARK Channel is setting up production there.

Filming for “Shooting Christmas” began this week and Dahlonega Director of Tourism David Zunker said on WDUN’s Afternoon News Wrap Wednesday that the production crews were hard at work, as there’s a quick turnaround time. The filming should be wrapped by October 13, one day ahead of Gold Rush on October 14, Zucker said.

“They were going to scout seven different communities, towns within Georgia and they were going to do it over a weekend. They came to Dahlonega and never left,” Zunker said. “They loved what they saw immediately, they saw the possibilities, they loved the historic public square downtown and they saw a number of buildings that were going to work for them.” more

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Places to stay in Dahlonega

Breakfast In BedDahlonega Has accommodations for everyone! Whether you stay for a night or an entire week, a Dahlonega visit means restful nights with charm and hospitality for those looking for a soothing escape. From romantic getaways to campgrounds where you can sleep under the stars, Dahlonega offers a unique lodging experience to suit every dream and budget. Just imagine being in the North Georgia Mountains! Dahlonega is a Great place to stay!

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Historic Dahlonega Gold Museum!

Don’t miss out on one of Dahlonega’s Historic Sights! This is a must see when you are visiting Dahlonega! The Gold Museum is a must see for the Historian in all of us! 

A few years back the State of Georgia was making some cut-backs. The Museum was part of the impact by lack of funding. So that was when the organization was  formed to assist them in this time of need.  If you want to assist the Gold Museum in Donations they have a Friends organization that is very busy helping the Museum with much-needed renovations and other  expenses. If you would like to become a Friends of Dahlonega Gold Museum Member or just make a donation Click Here for more information

The museum is housed inside the 1836 Lumpkin County Courthouse, the oldest courthouse in Georgia. Visitors can also explore the courthouse features, including beautiful wooden chapel seats from 1889 and the judge’s chambers. The town of Dahlonega is a popular destination for gold panning, shopping, and sightseeing.

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