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Basic Admission is $9.95 per person (ages 4 and up including adults).


This includes:IMG_7143


  •  1 pan of gold dirt
  • 2 gallon bucket of gemstones
  • Self-guided tour of the Stamp Mill and other mining machinery
  • Instructor to help you along the way

For Groups of 20 or more Click here for group rates!

If you want to do more when you have finished this you can purchase our dirt by the bucket!

WAGON RIDES: $3.00 extra person

This is a nice ride through our woodsy area where you will see our animals, antique farming equipment and even pass by one of the old Tunnels and the Open Pit Mine.


  • 5 gallon bucket of non concentrated ore is $15.00

Wheel barrel full of ore is $75.00  if you would like  the use of a HIGHBANKER  or GOLD CUBE (YOUR CHOICE) It is only $10.00 extra for all day rental

Looking for something different? We offer TRACTOR SCOOPS for $90.00 you can rent a TROMMELL for $10.00 and its yours all day! We 7-127[1]have three to choose from.

Concentrates: MORE GOLD LESS WORK!

Our concentrates come from the amount of dirt we take from our gold mine and run through the trommel. All the lighter sand is washed out while all the gold and the heavy sand stays in the sluice. This is a natural process no gold is taken out or added!

  • 15 gallons of ore condensed into one gallon is $45.00
  • 30 gallons of ore condensed into one gallon is $85.00
  • 75 gallons of ore condensed into one gallon is $165.00


Purchase GOLD BEARING QUARTZ ROCK from our mine crush it with our ROCK CRUSHER no extra charge! This has been a big hit with lots of hand on interaction!


  • 5 gallon bucket non concentrated is $13.50
  • Wheel barrel full is $60.00 LOTS OF FUN WITH LOTS TO GO THROUGH!                                                                                                            This also includes a Geode for you to break open and see the beautiful Crystals inside.


The gemstones are imported in by the dump truck load from Franklin, North Carolina. When they arrive we bucket it up. We get the concentrated buckets by condensing a certain amount of buckets together, no gems are taken out they are all for you to find.

  • Gemstone Concentrates: MORE GEMS LESS WORK!
  • 3 of the 5 gallon buckets condensed into one is $30.00
  • 7 of the 5 gallon buckets condensed into one is $60.00
  •  This also includes a Geode for you to break open and see the beautiful Crystals inside.


We have had lots of gemstones found that customers have been able to have cut into beautiful pendants, earrings, and rings!

Take a look at our page that has pictures of our  Customer’s finds.

Things you may find… Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Garnets and much more!

Feel free to stop by!  Our hours are as follows:

  • Fall & Winter hours OPEN 10am til 5pm 7 days a week
  • Spring & Summer Hours OPEN 10am til 6pm 7 days a week
  • We are only Closed  Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

We’re located just two miles past Walmart, 2736 Morrison Moore Pkwy E in Dahlonega, Ga. 30533

                                                                                             One Coupon is good for the whole family!



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