We give a Free Identification chart to everyone that does our Gemstone Buckets as well as we have Professional instructors that can identify the gemstones you find.

  • 5-gallon bucket non-concentrated is $22.50
  • Wheel barrel full is $60.00-$80.00 LOTS OF FUN WITH LOTS TO GO THROUGH! 

       Gemstone concentrate: MORE GEMS LESS WORK!

  • 3 of the 5-gallon buckets condensed into a 3 gal. bucket for only $30.00
  • 7 of the 5-gallon buckets condensed into a 5 gal. bucket for only $60.00 
  • The super Concentrated Bucket is $100.00 


Don’t forget to ask about cutting your stones. We have a professional Lapidarist onsite that can cut your Gemstones you find and set them into beautiful Jewelry for you! That is a great way to remember your trip to Dahlonega!   

We have had lots of gemstones found that customers have been able to have cut into beautiful pendants, earrings, and rings! Take a look at our page that has pictures of our Customer’s finds.

Things you may find… Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Garnets and much more!001

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Current Price of Gold

GoldUSD 1,970.10

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