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Gold Cube 4stack Deluxe


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GOLD CUBE Vortex Matting

Each square inch of Vortex Matting contains 49 individual low pressure zones that work similar to a tornado. That's over 7,000 per individual matt! As the gold gets lodged into the tornado, the low pressure drives it too the bottom, forcing black sand and other heavies out of the way. Yes gold is a bully and stuborn. The only way it's going to leave the vortex is when you clean it out. This is why we can run thousands of pounds thru a Gold Cube and still only get a few ounces of Black sand and of course gold. A 3 stack cube unit has over 21,000 a 4 stack cube has over 28,000! Gold doesn't stand a chance of getting out.

So... do you want to bring home the whole creek, or just the gold?

* Fiddle-free water control and slick plate.

Slick Plate. The slick plate on the Gold Cube has a precisely controlled water flow that is designed to process very large amounts of 8 mesh and smaller material in a very short time. Withcontrolled water flow, the slick plate does 2 things: 1. It turns aggregate material into a slurry, and 2. The water flow forces the lighter particles ahead of the heavier material. It is quite exciting to actually see your fine gold creeping down the slick plate! Gold, the heaviest element in the slurry, will be the last to reach the trough.

* Unique G-Force technology cleans and seperates the gold.

G-Force Separator. The slurry then falls into a gated trough and will be forced under water. Then centrifugal force will force the gold to the outer edge of the rounded trough. The slurry will then exit the trough on the opposite side of the gate. After exiting the gated trough, the slurry is forced to stand up and form a column. The purpose of this column is to actively stack the particles by specific gravity. Lighter, faster moving particles race past the heavier particles and exit the column first. The Gold Cube's forced gravitational, centrifugal and columning effect is called "the G-Force."

* Vortex matting traps gold and self cleans for hours of use.

Vortex Matting. The Gold Cube's vortex matting works because water flow interacts with a combination of very small pillar walls and cavities—about 7,056 of them per mat. Just like a tornado, the spinning creates a low pressure zone in the center of each of the cavities. Passing gold will be trapped and forced to the bottom of the vortexes and held in place by the lighter material. As gold-laden material is introduced into each vortex mat, it will displace and replace the lighter material. This will create about a cup of super concentrates at clean-up. Amazing!


Deluxe units include the following:

• One Slick Plate
• Two or three Separator Trays (depends on model)
• Stand
• Pump - 1100 gph bilge pump
• Hose
• Hose Adapters

Standard configuration is for a 3 stack deluxe unit for $389.95. Choose your configuration from the drop down menu and price will adjust at checkout.

Stand Specs: (stand is also available separately and is already included in deluxe units)

• 18" Square Assembly
• Adjustable to 16"
• Zinc Plated


Gold Cube Dimensions for the single tray are 16x16x8" and the weight is 7.2 pounds.
The 4 stack deluxe is 16x16x22 and weighs 33 pounds. This is item weight, not ship weight.


Product Code: GoldCube4stkdlx


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